Bernhard Schweitzer :: e-mail (Added: 2000-04-29)

herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser wirklich gelungenen Webseite für all interessierten Gymnofreaks, bite weitermachen, meine Unterstützung habt ihr jederzeit

Amerhauser Helmut AG Gymnocalycium :: e-mail (Added: 2000-03-12)

Habe mir heute Ihre Hompage angesehen. Gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bei der Tagung im April gesund wieder.

Peter Weyman :: e-mail :: web site (Added: 2000-02-29)

Kompliment fuer Ihre Seite. In unserem Verzeichnis besuchenswerter Internetseiten finden Sie einen Hinweis.

Tom Smidth :: e-mail (Added: 2000-02-23)

I think you have made a beutiful page, are you working together with Ulrich Creutzburg ?
It is nice that some people like you can make something that so many others can enyou looking at.

Toshio Shimada :: e-mail (Added: 2000-02-03)

This home page gives very usefull informations to the collector of Gymnocalycium especially to me.
I know some journals about Gymnocalycium written in German are published, but I can not read German.
If the new species are reported in them, I hope the brief features of them and photographs are introduced in your home page.
This is my impression that the photograph showed in the Subgeneous Microsemineum page may be pflanzii and not be bayrianum.
Best regards